The Beer

We Love Beer   Import Domestic

Ale Stout Pilsners

Lagers Porters IPLs

On Tap  in a Bottle Can or Ice Cold Mug 

WE Got The Beer 




​at The Pawn Shop


​This should be real FUN!!!

Good for what ales you


Our friendly warm staff, great food and beer , Corn Hole,  all the Best Sports TVs will make you want to keep coming back. 



This Months  Big Events

All day Specials

Its Back Saturday


Hot Dog

Prizes fun


Saturday Jan 7

The Pawn Shop Pub Anniversary Party Prizes and More

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The Pawn shop pub

Dinner Specials.

We are at 2222 East 54th St

Drink Specials

Come  To the 40/10    Anniversary Party 

Jan 7

​  Never Need a Coupon 

       for a Good Deal!

Todays Lunch Specials